Yuppy Puppy Holistic Pet Spaw

  The holistic approach to pampering your pet.


Pelotherapy Mud Treatments

Mobility, Soothing, Shed Safely, & Fortifying Muds.  Nature's way to cleanse and treat the four different hot spots in dogs.  Muds are packed with ingredients like peppermint, B vitamins, antioxidants, and omega oils then deeply massaged into the coat.

Allergy Test Kits

A test kit that can identify over 300 food and environmental allergies that may disturb an animal's well being.  Common allergy symptoms may include itching, ear infections, and gnawing at paws.

Canine Communication

Do you feel like your dog doesn't listen?  Do you just try to have a conversation with your pet or do you know how to actively communicate with your canine companion?  Car and separation anxiety, bad leash manners, and aggression towards other dogs are some of the most common issues we can help with.  Sessions are held privately.